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Accelerate reporting on leases with artificial intelligence

Simple, effective legaltech for law firms

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Key Features

Supercharge your real estate team by analysing leases in a few seconds using Avail Lease. Generate Key Commercial Terms summaries, spreadsheets and more using a simple, quick platform.

Analyse Leases

Instantly analyse any lease or group of leases for legal risk using 100% pre-trained artificial intelligence

Extract Key Clauses

Automatically extract all the key commercial terms you need to report on in just a few clicks

Read Handwriting

A classic issue for lease dates, now addressed with highly trained, focused handwriting AI models


Quick summaries with LeaseBot, giving you succinct summaries alongside the full clause text

Multiple Reports

Word and Spreadsheet reports for all your lease analysis needs - single asset or portfolio

Layered AI + GPT-4

Layered AI including GPT-4 brings groundbreaking accuracy and abilities to lease review

Award Winning Layered AI 🤖

Innovative AI that can read handwriting, create summaries and supercharge your reporting on leases!

What is it?

Layered AI is Avail Lease's USP - we use different AI models for different areas of a lease e.g. one for the particulars, and one for handwriting. Each model has been specifically trained to do one thing very, very well. By taking advantage of different models, and recombining the result using Avail's proprietary combination AI, we can deliver the most accurate, most effective instant lease reports ever!

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Easy Setup

Get a lease report in 30 seconds

It's so simple to use that no training is required

Say goodbye to hours of webinars 👋


Upload Leases

Upload leases straight from your desktop. These can be directly from the Land Registry, or from a client email or data room.

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Layered AI Analysis

Avail's pre-trained platform automatically analyses all the leases, using a selection of different artificial intelligence models depending on the most advanced available for that type of lease - we call this layered AI!


Download Your Lease Report

In a matter of seconds, Avail Lease's layered AI has created a comprehensive lease report for you to use in your transaction. More accurate and more helpful than any other platform.

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See Avail Lease in action

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Why use Avail Lease?

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    Identify risks earlier

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    Spot red flag issues instantly

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    Accelerate your lease reporting

Want some more info? Go on, explore all the ways that law firms are using Avail Lease on transactions...

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Lease review tools are rubbish right?

Handwritten dates, amends and other scribbles - the bane of AI

So you're looking at a lease, and someone has clearly gone to town just before it completed. You know that when you put this through your lease review tool it's going to flip out and give you some gobbledeegook in the report.

To try and overcome this hurdle, Avail Lease includes a dedicated AI model that specialises in interpreting handwriting. We've tested it on thousands of leases with scrawls on to try and finetune it.

Of course, if the writing is so bad that even a human can't read it, Avail Lease isn't magic! But it's really, really good at this 😃

Badly formatted leases can easily trip up AI

The first step for any AI review tool is to visually cut up a lease. This is called 'layout analysis'. When leases are badly formatted (for example, random paragraphing and numbering), this can cause real issues.

To help with this, we've been training thousands of leases through our layered AI to overcome curveballs. Avail Lease's layered AI uses different AI models depending on how a lease is formatted 🚀

This makes it more granular, and gives it a far better ability to cope when leases aren't structured exactly as expected.

Bad scans mean goodbye lease analysis...or do they?

It's difficult enough to control the quality of a lease scan when you have someone in your own team doing it, but even more difficult when you're dealing with leases sent over from the other side, or downloaded from a dataroom.

Avail Lease has cutting edge OCR built into it that can have suprisingly good results, even with awfully scanned leases 😯

Even better, we give you a clear rating for each lease in our reports, telling you how confident you should be that our OCR technology has successfully analysed everything it needs to.

Do you have the time to build a new type of lease report every transaction?

Your time is precious. Other lease analysis platforms don't know what you need as a real estate lawyer to report to your client. They give you a breakdown of different data points and ask you to build a report yourself...say goodbye to the next hour!

Avail Lease was created by real estate lawyers, for real estate lawyers - we already know what you want! Our reports are already curated to help you with any lease review task, across any asset. Simplicity 🥳

This also helps with predictability when rolling this out to your team. Get the same group of reports every single time, with no faff.

Legaltech is difficult to use at the best of time

Lease review tools however have been traditionally even worse than most of the legaltech out there. The interfaces are overly cluttered, there are too many options, and ultimately fee earners stop using them. This is what happens when non-lawyers build legaltech.

For law firms that can't afford large teams of legal engineers to sit there as a managed service, running projects for lawyers, this tech is out of reach.

Luckily Avail Lease is razor simple. A few clicks, and you have your reports. No more complexity, long live simplicity! 🤩

Do you have time to train AI?

Current lease review tools are inaccurate. There's no better way of putting it. They're also partially or fully untrained. What does this mean? It means that AI hasn't been fine tuned for leases - it's generic.

It's a bit like being offered a lego helicopter, and being given a pile of lego bricks instead. Did you learn at law school how to train AI? Of course not, so it's unrealistic to think that lawyers will sit there doing it.

Avail Lease is 100% pre-trained, meaning it just works out of the box. More of your team will use it, and your business case for lease review AI is much stronger than previously possible 🤗

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What do our clients say?

How much money could Avail Lease save your team?

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Savings Calculator

£ 0,000 of fee earner time saved
£ 0,000 of fee earner time saved

We have assumed that your fee earners review around 10 leases each per month, and that you’ll get around 50% adoption of the Avail platform if launched internally.

Lease Packages

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